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Copper extraction process flow chart

2023-04-19 Xinhai (328)

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The copper extraction process typically includes the following stages:

Mining and blasting: The ore is first obtained through mining and then drilled and blasted to break it into smaller pieces.

Crushing: The broken ore is then taken to a crusher where it is reduced to smaller pieces.

Grinding: The crushed ore is then ground into fine particles using ball mills or rod mills.

Flotation: The ground ore is mixed with water and chemicals, including frothers and collectors, and then agitated to form bubbles. The bubbles attach to the copper minerals, which float to the top of the mixture and are collected as a concentrate.

Smelting: The copper concentrate is then dried and sent to a smelter, where it is heated and melted to separate the copper from other metals and impurities.

Refining: The resulting copper is then purified through a refining process to remove any remaining impurities and achieve the desired purity level.

Electroplating: The refined copper is then used in various applications, including electroplating, where it is used to coat other metals with a thin layer of copper.

The process flow chart for copper extraction may vary slightly depending on the specific ore and processing method used.