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Mechanical agitated flotation machine

Mechanical stirring flotation machine pulp aeration and stirring are completed by impellers and customized mechanical stirring devices, which belong to external air self-suction flotation machines, these are flotation machines, generally upper gas suction type , That is, inhale air near the mechanical stirring device at the lower part of the flotation tank. According to the type of mechanical stirring device, this type of flotation machine can be divided into different models, such as XJ type, XJQ type, GF type, SF type, rod type, etc. The advantages of this type of flotation machine are: it can self-absorb air and pulp, it is easy to flow by itself when returning from the mine, there are few auxiliary equipment, the equipment is neatly configured, and the operation and maintenance are simple; the disadvantage is that the aeration is small, the power consumption is high, and the wear Larger and so on.

Aerated and stirred flotation machine

The aerated and stirred flotation machine is equipped with a mechanical stirring device, and a fan with external characteristics is used to forcibly blow in air, but the mechanical stirring device generally only plays the role of stirring the slurry and distributing the air flow, and the air is mainly pressured by the external fan Into the slurry, aeration and stirring are separate