Spiral classifiers mainly include high weir single spiral and double spiral, low weir single spiral and double spiral, submerged single spiral and double spiral classifiers. The low weir type is rarely used now, mainly high weir Weir type and sunken type.

High weir type overflow weir is higher than the spiral axis of rotation, but lower than the upper edge of the spiral at the overflow end. This type of classifier has a lower settlement area and a large weir type, and its weir height can be adjusted within a certain range, that is, the area of the settlement area can be adjusted within a certain range, so that the particle size of the classification can be adjusted, which is in the grinding cycle. A commonly used device.

The sunken type one has 4 to 5 spiral blades at the end of the overflow weir, all of which are sunk in the slurry. This kind of classifier has a large settlement area, a deep classification pool, and the agitation of the spiral has little effect on the surface of the slurry. Therefore, the grading surface is stable, and the overflow is large and fine. In the production of concentrators, it is often used as a classification equipment for fine grinding or secondary grinding.