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The most prominent design of the three-way automatic reversing valve is the internal spherical valve, which uses fluid pressure to move it to one of the two valve ports, thus changing the direction of the two valve ports without requiring personnel. The problem of clogging of the valve port is solved by personal control and no computer settings are used to control, and the problem of stoppage of production due to clogging will not be caused.

Xinhai three-way reversing valve is lined with wear-resistant rubber, which uses its rubber's unique anti-corrosion and wear-resistant properties to extend the life of the three-way reversing valve. The rubber uses natural latex and a small amount of nano additives in the liquid to directly mix and coagulate into a rubber masterbatch, which effectively protects the long molecular chain of the rubber from being damaged and makes the rubber more wear-resistant. Among them, the rubber additives are imported from the United States. , It is nano-surface treated to form nano-level additives, which can penetrate into the rubber latex faster and deeper; then use the normal temperature high-frequency induction heating technology to allow the rubber to be heated and vulcanized at the same time at the normal temperature. And the vulcanization time is shorter and more uniform, and there is no over-sulfur or under-sulfur phenomenon. The final wear-resistant rubber has a natural latex content of about 97%, a wear resistance index of 128%, a rebound rate of 76%, and an elongation at break of 886%, which are longer than ordinary cast iron, steel, titanium and other wear-resistant materials. It is more than 2 times higher and used as the lining of the three-way reversing valve, which not only prolongs the service life of the valve, but also reduces the maintenance time and cost of the valve.