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Xinhai Mining Technology Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional technology company specializing in a series of mining technical services such as gold ore dressing equipment manufacturing, production line research and development, mining technical services, and equipment installation. Adhere to the concept of guiding the development and service of the enterprise with innovation, constantly strive to innovate, and improve the skills of equipment through improved technology. It has become a one-stop service (EPC) that integrates beneficiation design, research, equipment manufacturing, installation and debugging, compliance ) Practitioners and leaders. Adhere to the actual situation of gold mines, tailor-made for customers through beneficiation tests, and formulate the most suitable gold mine production line plan. At present, Xinhai's tailor-made beneficiation projects spread all over the world, with products exported to more than 90 countries and regions, and more than 2,000 mine design and research and equipment supply projects have been completed.

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