The AGITATION EQUIPMENT in the beneficiation plant mainly provides auxiliary functions for the flotation operation. It is used for slurry stirring before the flotation operation to achieve: 1. Realize the mixing of two or more mutually compatible liquids to obtain a uniform mixture Liquid; 2. Two or more immiscible liquids are mixed and dispersed to obtain an emulsion; 3. Gas is mixed with solution; 4. Solid can be mixed with solution and suspended in solution; 5. Accelerate chemical reaction and heat transfer , Mass transfer and other processes.

According to different requirements before flotation operation, the stirring tank can be divided into slurry stirring tank, ordinary stirring tank and chemical stirring tank. The slurry stirring tank stirs the slurry before the flotation operation to realize the suspension of the mineral particles in the slurry, and make the mineral particles and the flotation reagent fully contact and mix uniformly, creating favorable conditions for the subsequent separation operation.