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Flotation separation technology

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Flotation separation technology is a common beneficiation technology, which can separate useful components and impurities in minerals to obtain more pure minerals.

The basic principle of flotation separation technology is to use the difference in physical and chemical properties of the mineral surface, and by applying external force, the useful components can be attached to the mineral surface, while the impurities are excluded.

Flotation separation technology can be divided into three steps:

Flotation: In the flotation process, the operator adds minerals to the flotation cell and adds a certain amount of selective agent. Due to the different hydrophilicity of the surface of different minerals, the selective agent can be adsorbed on the surface of the mineral, and only impurities with poor hydrophilicity are excluded.

Separation: After flotation, useful components and impurities in minerals will be separated. Because the useful ingredients are more hydrophilic, they can be attached to the inner wall of the tank, while the impurities are less hydrophilic and will be left at the bottom of the tank.

Refining: Through refining operations, the useful components in minerals can be further purified. During the refining process, some selective agents, such as silicate, can be used to absorb impurities and make the final product more pure.

Flotation separation technology has many advantages:

Simple process: Compared with other beneficiation technologies, flotation separation technology has a relatively simple process and does not require too much professional knowledge and equipment.

High efficiency: Flotation separation technology can quickly and effectively separate useful components and impurities in minerals, thereby improving the efficiency of mineral processing.

Environmental protection: Flotation separation technology does not need to use harmful substances such as strong acid or alkali, so it is relatively environmentally friendly.

Strong controllability: Flotation separation technology can be adjusted and controlled according to different mineral properties and production requirements, so it has strong controllability.

In short, flotation separation technology is a very practical mineral processing technology with many advantages and application prospects. In actual production, it should be adjusted and controlled according to different mineral properties and production requirements to achieve the best beneficiation effect.

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