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Gold mine gravity separation process classification

2024-03-13 Xinhai (188)

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Introduction to the gold mine gravity separation process: The gold mine gravity separation process is a method of sorting gold based on the differences in density and particle size of ore particles and under the conditions of monomer dissociation.

In addition to various gravity selection equipment, there must also be media (air, water/heavy liquid or resuspension liquid) when carrying out re-selection. During the gravity separation process, mineral particles are subject to gravity (mainly centrifugal force if in a centrifugal force field), mechanical force exerted by equipment and the force of the medium. The clever combination of these forces causes mineral particles with different densities to produce different movement speeds and Movement trajectories can eventually separate them from each other.

The gravity separation method mainly selects ores with high density and large particle size of useful minerals that can be dissociated into monomers (generally larger than 0.04mm). This article introduces you to the methods and characteristics of gold reselection, and lists gold reselection equipment.

Gold mine gravity separation process classification

1.Jig beneficiation process

Jig beneficiation is a process in which mineral particles are sorted according to density in a vertical variable speed medium flow (i.e. water flow). There are three basic forms of vertical medium flow: intermittent rising medium flow, intermittent falling medium flow and rising and falling alternating medium flow. Modern jigs mainly use ascending and descending alternating medium flows.

2. Shaking table mineral processing technology

Shaking table is a device for beneficiation in horizontal medium flow. The sorting process takes place on a sloping bed with a wide surface. Through the stratification effect of the water flow on the bed surface and the separation and stratification effect when the bed surface is rocking, the mineral particles are stratified and move horizontally and vertically, so that the mineral particles with different densities are separated from each other respectively under the action of the water flow and bed surface shaking. Different sections of the bed surface are discharged to achieve the purpose of sorting.

3.Chute mineral processing technology

Chute mineral separation is a method that uses the difference in the movement state of mineral particles in inclined medium flow to sort.

4. Spiral beneficiation process

The spiral concentrator is a chute mineral processing equipment that uses the combined effect of gravity, friction, centrifugal force and water flow to separate mineral particles according to density, particle size and shape. Its characteristic is that the entire chute is bent into a spiral shape in the vertical direction.

5. Centrifugal beneficiation process

The Nelson concentrator is a new generation of centrifugal concentrator. It increases the centrifugal force of the drum centrifuge while solving the fluidization problem of the enrichment layer, thereby broadening the operating performance and capturing particularly fine-grained gold. . The gold enrichment ratio is increased from 20 to 100 times of conventional gravity separation equipment to 1000 to 5000 times.

The gold ore gravity separation process is mainly used to process ores with a large density difference between gold minerals and gangue. It is a traditional beneficiation method for extracting gold from placer gold and extracting coarse gold and silver from vein ore.

Gravity separation has the advantages of no chemical consumption, low environmental pollution, simple equipment structure, large processing capacity for coarse and medium-grained ores, and low energy consumption; its disadvantages are small processing capacity for fine-grained ores and low sorting efficiency. Therefore, gravity selection is often used in conjunction with flotation methods. Placer gold mines directly use gravity separation to recover, while in lode gold mines, gravity separation is mainly used to recover medium-coarse gold in advance to ensure the stability of recovery indicators.

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