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Gold is one of the earliest metals used by human beings. There is no other metal in the world that can enter human economic life as much as gold.

Gold is extracted from gold-bearing minerals. At present, the beneficiation methods of gold mines include gravity separation, flotation and cyanide extraction. The gold mining equipment used in different methods is also different.

Gold Flotation Process & Equipment

Flotation is a widely used gold beneficiation process, which is suitable for the treatment of sulfide gold-bearing ores with fine gold particles and high floatability, and polymetallic gold-bearing sulfide ores.

Gold flotation equipment is mainly flotation cell. Different models can be selected according to different needs, and combined units can also be selected.

The XCF/KYF flotation cell combined unit is widely used, and the two cooperate with each other, which has the advantages of less investment, low energy consumption and good effect.

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Gold Cyanidation Process & Equipment

The cyanidation process of gold ore is suitable for the treatment of gold-bearing ores with low grade, high mud content and refractory treatment.

Commonly used gold mine cyanidation equipment mainly includes leaching agitation tank, desorption electrolysis system, washing thickener, zinc powder displacement device, carbon screen and air lifter.

(1) Desorption electrolysis system:

The desorption electrolysis system is a device that obtains gold mud from gold-loaded carbon through desorption and electrowinning under high temperature and high pressure conditions, and consists of a desorption column and an electrowinning cell.

(2) leaching agitation tank

The leaching agitation tank is a place where gold-containing minerals are cyanidated and leached and activated carbon adsorbs gold.

(3) Zinc powder displacement device

Zinc powder displacement device is a device that uses zinc powder to treat gold-containing pregnant solution after cyanidation leaching to replace gold.

(4) Washing thickener

The washing thickener is a special equipment for the solid-liquid separation and washing operation of the pulp after cyanidation leaching.

(5) Carbon separator

The carbon separator is a device that separates gold-loaded carbon from pulp.

(6) Air lifter

The air lifter is a device that uses compressed air as a transmission medium to transport pulp.


Gold Gravity Separation Process & Equipment

The gravity separation process is suitable for the treatment of placer gold. As well as recovery of monomeric coarse-grained gold prior to flotation and cyanide leaching of vein gold. Commonly used gold mine gravity separation equipment includes jig, shaking table and spiral chute.

(1) Jig machine

The jig machine is a place where minerals are layered according to specific gravity or density difference in a vertical alternating medium flow to achieve the purpose of sorting. Jig machines are suitable for the sorting of coarse-grained mineral particles.

(2) Shaking table

The shaking table is a device that separates minerals by specific gravity or density in a horizontal medium flow. The shaker is suitable for the separation of finer-grained minerals.

(3) Spiral chute

The spiral chute is suitable for the treatment of fine-grained gold ore with low mud content, and the treatment capacity is large, but the recovery rate is low.

In addition to the above-mentioned main equipment used in the sorting process, gold mineral processing equipment also includes crushers, ball mills, vibrating screens, classifiers and other equipment used in the stages before and after sorting.

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