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Magnesium Production Process

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The production of magnesium involves several processes, including mining, refining, and electrolysis. Magnesium is extracted from various minerals such as dolomite, magnesite, and carnallite. The process of producing magnesium from these minerals involves the following steps:

Mining: Magnesium is mainly obtained from dolomite, magnesite, and other minerals. These minerals are mined using conventional methods such as underground mining, open-pit mining, or strip mining.

Refining: The mined ores are then purified and refined to remove impurities such as calcium, silicon, and iron. The refining process involves crushing the ore into small pieces and then heating it in a furnace to remove any moisture and other volatile impurities.

Electrolysis: The refined magnesium is then extracted through electrolysis. The electrolytic process involves the use of an electrolytic cell, which consists of a cathode and an anode. The cathode is made of molten magnesium while the anode is made of graphite.

In the electrolysis process, a mixture of magnesium chloride and potassium chloride is used as the electrolyte. The electrolysis process is carried out at a high temperature of about 700°C. The cathode is then connected to the negative terminal of a direct current power supply, while the anode is connected to the positive terminal.

When an electric current is passed through the electrolyte, the magnesium ions are attracted to the cathode and are reduced to form molten magnesium. At the same time, chlorine gas is released at the anode. The chlorine gas is then collected and reused in the refining process.

Casting and shaping: The molten magnesium is then cast into ingots or billets, which are cooled and solidified. The ingots or billets are then shaped into various forms such as sheets, rods, and bars.

In summary, the production of magnesium involves the mining of minerals containing magnesium, refining the ores to remove impurities, and extracting the magnesium through electrolysis. The resulting magnesium is then cast into ingots or billets and shaped into various forms for commercial use.

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