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Quality control of quartz sand for photovoltaic glass

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In the formation and growth of quartz, accompanied by a large amount of impurity minerals, there is no quartz raw material that can meet the requirements of photovoltaic glass production without treatment. Therefore, the quality control of quartz sand for photovoltaic glass is mainly achieved through the purification of quartz sand. The commonly used methods of beneficiation and purification of quartz sand are divided into physical methods and chemical methods.

Physical methods: water washing, magnetic separation, flotation, electric separation, mechanical scrubbing, graded desliming, microwave assistance, ultrasonic assistance.

Chemical methods: acid leaching, alkali leaching, microbial method.

01 Control method of iron content in quartz sand

Iron-containing substances exist in various forms in quartz sand, and each mineral processing and purification method of quartz sand can remove iron to a certain extent. Among them, graded desliming mainly removes muddy iron, and magnetic separation removes iron in ores. Minerals, gravity separation to remove iron in the form of heavy minerals, flotation to remove iron-containing light silicates, etc. It is necessary to use quartz sand for photovoltaic glass to remove iron. In actual production, the chemical composition of quartz sand should be combined to choose the purification process with the lowest cost and the simplest process.

02 Particle size control method of quartz sand

The particle size control of quartz sand for photovoltaic glass can be achieved through water separation and sorting. Among them, the water separation is mainly the fine mineral particles below 0.1mm; the rolling screen and the hindered sedimentation machine are used to separate the coarse quartz sand particles. According to the particle size separation requirements, controlling the upper limit of the ore particle size and selecting a reasonable water washing separation process can achieve the purpose of improving the yield of quartz sand concentrate and product quality control.


03 Control method of refractory heavy minerals in quartz sand

The control method of refractory heavy minerals in quartz sand for photovoltaic glass is mainly realized by gravity. During re-election, the minerals with larger specific gravity tend to move slowly into the tank and enter the tailings area; the minerals with smaller specific gravity move faster and tend to go out of the tank and enter the next process. It is worth noting that in order to ensure the accuracy of re-election, the ore must be evenly fed during re-election.

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