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The beneficiation process of wolframite

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Wolframite ore is characterized by low raw ore grade, high ore mining dilution rate, and complex mineral composition, which brings difficulties to sorting. Wolframite. For wolframite or wolframite-based ore, the beneficiation process generally consists of the following parts:

1. Crushed and discarded in advance to obtain qualified ore

Hand selection is a simple method of pre-enrichment, and it is also a necessary operation in the wolframite beneficiation process. Selecting waste rock from the raw ore is called the main and backhand selection, while selecting qualified tungsten ore from the raw ore is called the main and forehand selection. Different processes are selected according to the nature of the ore.


The pre-selected raw materials are divided into ores of various sizes after the raw ore is coarsely crushed, washed and screened.

In order to improve production efficiency and reduce labor intensity, equipment manufacturers and production units have developed photoelectric separation equipment and ray waste equipment for pre-selection and discarding, but the effect of on-site use is not ideal and has not been fully promoted. The original enterprises have also canceled the photoelectric separation equipment Select a device.

2. Gravity separation of tailings to obtain rough concentrate

The principle process of gravity separation is generally: one to two stages of grinding, three stages of jigging, four to five stages of shaker, and centralized treatment of fine mud to obtain coarse concentrate and discard a large amount of tailings; The rod mill is re-grinded, and the ground product is returned to the double-layer vibrating screen, forming a closed loop cycle.


The shaker generally adopts two separations, the medium ore in the coarse and medium shaker is returned to the circulation loop, and the slime is treated separately.

The WO3 grade of feed ore (qualified ore after pre-discarded) in the gravity selection section is generally 0.4%-0.8%, the coarse concentrate ore WO3 grade is generally 20%-30%, and the tailings grade is generally 0.03%-0.056%. The recovery rate is 90%-94%, and the yield rate of discarded tailings is 45%-55%.

3. The selection, separation and comprehensive recovery of rough concentrate to obtain the final concentrate

After wolframite is separated by gravity separation, its rough concentrate often contains scheelite, cassiterite, molybdenite, bismuthite, pyrite, chalcopyrite, sphalerite and other minerals, cassiterite, bismuth The ore is more enriched in high-grade rough concentrate.

These associated minerals are harmful impurities to tungsten concentrates, but there are also many useful minerals, especially non-ferrous metals with high value such as tin, molybdenum, bismuth, copper, and zinc, and some ores contain rare metals such as tantalum and niobium. Tungsten rough concentrate must be selected.

(1) The beneficiation of black tungsten coarse ore concentrate is generally an intermittent operation, and the coarse ore concentrate needs to be dried before beneficiation.

(2) The coarse-grained grade is magnetically separated by a dry magnetic separator to separate cassiterite, scheelite, sulfide ore, etc., and obtain qualified black tungsten concentrate.

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