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The most advanced beneficiation process of potassium feldspar

2023-04-26 Xinhai (241)

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The most advanced beneficiation process of potassium feldspar includes:

Crushing: The mined raw ore is roughly broken by the jaw crusher, and then sent to the cone crusher by the belt conveyor for secondary crushing.

Sorting: The potassium feldspar particles after the secondary crushing are sent to the circular vibrating screen for screening, and then sent to the ore color sorter or artificial intelligence ore sorting machine for sorting, and the broken and dissociated waste rocks are discarded.

Ball milling: After being discarded, the concentrate enters the ball mill for ball milling, and the potassium feldspar powder after ball milling is sorted by a spiral classifier.

Magnetic separation: Put the finely ground potassium feldspar powder into the magnetic separator for magnetic separation, and use strong magnetism to separate the iron and mica substances in it according to the material condition.

Flotation: When separating potassium feldspar and mica, the reverse flotation process is usually used, which can reduce the loss of feldspar. Reverse flotation can generally be carried out under acidic or alkaline conditions, but most of the dressing plants use amine cationic collectors for reverse flotation under acidic conditions.

Acid leaching: For refractory potassium feldspar ores with high iron content or some iron minerals infiltrated into feldspar cleavage in the form of iron staining, a single beneficiation method is difficult to meet the beneficiation requirements of such ores, and magnetic separation-flotation can be used at this time Combined beneficiation techniques such as reverse flotation-strong magnetic beneficiation can usually achieve better separation results than single beneficiation.

The above are the most advanced beneficiation processes for potassium feldspar. Each process has its advantages and limitations. The choice of beneficiation process should be determined according to the specific characteristics of potassium feldspar deposits and process requirements.

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