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hammer crusher

Hammer crusher

【Product Introduction】:A single-rotor ring hammer crusher for processing low-hardness and brittle materials.

【Applicable Materials】:Hammer crusher can be used for dry and wet crushing (humidity not greater than 15%), suitable for mining, metallurgy, building materials, highways and other departments to finely crush medium-hard and brittle materials, and its compressive strength Not mo

【Production Capacity】:12~250t/h

【Product Application】:Through technical improvement, it can be crushed in two forms, dry and wet.

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Hammer crusher product introduction

The advantages of hammer crusher

hammer crusher The hammer head of the machine is cast with a new process, which has stronger wear resistance and impact resistance;

Simple structure, large crushing ratio and high production efficiency;

The equipment can also adjust the gap between the grate bars and change the discharge particle size according to user requirements to meet the different needs of different users.

Working principle of small hammer crusher

The working principle of small hammer crusher mainly depends on impact energy to complete the crushing operation. When working, the motor drives the rotor to rotate at a high speed to evenly feed the material into the crusher cavity. The hammer head is rotated at a high speed to impact, shear, and tear the mineral to cause the ore to be broken. At the same time, the gravity of the ore itself also causes the material to move from high speed. The rotating hammer head rushes to the baffle and the screen bar in the frame, leaving the material larger than the screen hole on the screen plate to continue to be hit and ground by the hammer head, and the screened material is directly discharged.

Hammer crusher product picture

Hammer Crusher Small Hammer Crusher hammer mill hammer Crusher

Hammer crusher FAQ

About the safe operation of hammer crusher


1. Regularly check the wear of the hammer head, observe whether the hammer head has cracks and whether the hammer head connection vibrates, and do the corresponding treatment and report to the superior.

2. Pay attention to the operating sound of the crusher, check whether the hydraulic and lubrication system is normal, if any abnormality is found, get in touch with Central Control in time, take corresponding measures according to the situation and report to the superior in time.

3. Regularly check whether the protective cover of the transmission belt and coupling is loose, and whether the anchor bolts are loose, otherwise they must be tightened in time.

4. Regularly check the temperature and sound of the bearing, the vibration of the machine body, and notify the relevant personnel for inspection in time if there is an abnormality.

5. When the equipment is running, the crusher has abnormal crushing sound, immediately shut down, and notify the relevant personnel and supervisors for detailed inspection.

About the operation and maintenance of the small hammer crusher

The hammer crusher is a high-speed rotating crushing machine. In order to ensure its normal work, the operator must operate in strict accordance with the regulations and do a good job in the maintenance of the equipment.

(1) Before starting and stopping, get in touch with the upper and lower procedures related to the machine, and perform correct operations in the order of starting and stopping. To start the truck empty, pay attention to the material in the crushing cavity should be emptied before stopping.

(2) Always check all the anchor bolts and liner bolts of the equipment for any looseness. If they are loose, they should be tightened in time.

(3) Frequently check the use of easily worn and vulnerable parts such as hammers, liners, etc. If any problems are found, they should be dealt with in time.

(4) Keep the feed evenly, and pay attention not to feed metal debris.

(5) Pay attention to check whether the discharging granularity meets the quality requirements. If not, replace the grate bar or adjust the height of the grate bar bracket.

Product Parameter

Model Rotation diameter (mm) Discharge size (mm) Maximum feed (mm) Production capacity (t/h) Power (kW)
PC-φ600× 400 φ600 10~30 100 12~15 18.5
PC-φ600×600 φ600 10~30 100 12~18 30
PC-φ800 × 700 φ800 10~45 200 13~35 37
PC-φ800 × 800 φ800 10~45 200 13~40 37
PC-φ1000×1000 φ1000 8~60 300 30~80 55
PC-φ1000×1300 φ1000 8~60 200 35~100 110
PC-φ1000×1500 φ1000 8~60 300 40~100 132
PC-φ1200×1600 φ1200 10~70 500 100~250 160

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