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Gold CIP Process! Don't Miss It

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CIP is one of the gold ore treatment processes and a kind of cyanidation gold extraction process. It is a process of adsorbing gold cyanide complexes in pulp after cyanidation leaching of gold ore with the help of activated carbon, and is often used in flotation of gold concentrate, tailings after gravity separation and argillaceous oxide ore.

Principle of CIP

The CIP gold extraction process is a process in which gold-bearing ores are crushed, ground and muddled into pulp, and then leached by cyanidation with the aid of chemicals, and then the dissolved gold is directly adsorbed from the pulp by activated carbon, and the gold-loaded carbon is desorbed and electroshocked to obtain gold mud.


Advantages of CIP

(1) Strong adaptability, applicable to sulfide ore, oxidized ore and mixed ore;

(2) Simple operation, less equipment and short process;

(3) A small number of operators;

(4) Low investment and low cost.

Steps of CIP

The steps of the Gold CIP process mainly include seven operating stages: preparation of leaching pulp, cyanidation leaching, activated carbon adsorption, gold-loaded carbon desorption, electric shock to obtain gold mud, de-gold carbon recycling, and treatment of leaching pulp.

(1) Preparation of leaching pulp: crush the gold-containing ore to a particle size suitable for cyanidation leaching, and remove impurities from the pulp, mainly to remove wood chips to prevent it from clogging the carbon screen.

(2) Cyanide leaching: stirring and leaching the pulp with the aid of chemicals.

3) Activated carbon adsorption: The pulp after cyanidation leaching is introduced into the adsorption tank, and the dissolved gold in the pulp is adsorbed by activated carbon, thereby becoming gold-loaded carbon.

(4) Gold-loaded carbon desorption: The gold-loaded carbon is separated from the pulp by means of a carbon screen, and the gold complex is replaced in the desorption system.


(5) Gold slime obtained by electric shock: Gold slime is obtained from the pregnant solution obtained by desorption of gold-loaded carbon by electric shock.

(6) Recycling of de-gold carbon: The desorbed activated carbon is treated to remove other aggregates and then enters the adsorption tank for recycling.

(7) Treatment of leaching pulp: The leaching pulp containing cyanide cannot be directly discharged, and can be treated by means of sodium hypochlorite generator or chlorine gas, acidified volatile alkali liquid absorption method.

In actual production, Gold CIP process has achieved good results with the advantages of high adsorption rate and high recovery rate. For gold-containing ores with high mud content, Gold CIP process is a good choice.

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