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Ilmenite is not a good choice? You must look at these three methods

2023-09-19 Xinhai (294)

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Ilmenite is an oxide mineral of iron and titanium. It is also commonly known as titanium magnetite. It is the main mineral for extracting titanium. Ilmenite has a metallic luster. The crystals are usually plate-shaped. When gathered together, they are lumpy and granular. Since ilmenite is the main raw material for refining titanium and ilmenite is relatively precious, the use of suitable ilmenite can increase the value. If an inappropriate ilmenite beneficiation process is used, the value of ilmenite will be reduced. Therefore, this article will Introduce three ilmenite beneficiation methods.

Ilmenite gravity separation process

Using the gravity separation method to select ilmenite has lower production costs and less pollution to the environment. In the ilmenite gravity separation process, a shaking table is usually used to obtain qualified concentrate, and the recovery rate can reach more than 76%.

Ilmenite magnetic separation process

The ilmenite magnetic separation process is divided into strong magnetic separation and weak magnetic separation processes. The strong magnetic separation process is mainly to discharge qualified ilmenite tailings, improve the selection grade of titanium flotation, and reduce the amount of titanium flotation ore. High gradient magnetic separators can be used to recover fine-grained ilmenite in the ore. , remove the fine mud in the minerals to achieve the purpose of rough selection and tailing.

Ilmenite flotation process

The flotation method is mainly used for the separation of ilmenite and is the main method for recovering fine-grained ilmenite. The flotation process is usually as follows: using a flotation machine to separate sulfide minerals, flotation ilmenite, and ilmenite ore. The mineral processing plant mainly uses mechanical stirring flotation machines

Ilmenite beneficiation equipment

1. Jaw crusher

Because of its large production capacity and crushing ratio, it is usually used in the coarse crushing process of ilmenite, and is mainly used in coarse crushing.

2.Ball mill

It is usually used in the grinding and classification stage of ilmenite. Because the grinding medium used is rolling bearings, it can be highly energy-efficient during use. It is a high-efficiency and energy-saving ball mill used to grind ores with coarser particle sizes.

3. Flotation machine

Flotation machines are divided into mechanical and inflatable types. They are mainly used in large and medium-sized mineral processing plants. In ilmenite mineral processing plants, the use of mechanical flotation machines can effectively improve the effect of mineral flotation.