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Selection of gold placer mining methods and equipment

2022-10-05 Xinhai (329)

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Placer gold is a type of gold ore produced at the bottom of rivers or low-lying areas mixed with stone sand that can be washed away. Artificial gold panning is a common gold mining method for placer gold, but with the development of mineral processing technology, the mining methods of placer gold have become diversified, and the types of placer gold mining equipment have also increased.

The shape of the ore, the amount of mud and the shape of the gravel are three factors that affect the choice of placer gold mining methods and equipment. The most commonly used placer gold mining methods are gravity separation method, froth flotation method, and merger method. Among them, the gravity separation method is the main method of placer gold mining, and it has also been proved to be an effective and economical placer gold mining method.


The mining method and equipment of placer gold in the process of gravity separation:

1. Pre-separation:

Compared to other ore processing, pre-separation before placer gold mining is not complicated. Mainly to remove mud from placer gold ore or make the particle size meet the requirements of separation operation. The content of placer gold in the ore is very low, so to extract gold from the ore, the ore needs to be crushed and ground first, and then the gold is pre-enriched or separated through beneficiation. method. Usually, placer gold beneficiation plants mostly use jaw crusher for primary crushing, and cone crusher for secondary crushing.

2. Separation - Gravity separation:

The principle of gravity separation for gold placer mining is to separate gold concentrate from other minerals based on the different ore weights in the original ore. The first step in the gravity process is desliming, which removes the dirt from the minerals. The second step is to sieve the larger stones and then use a shaker to remove them. The final step is to use the shaker and amalgam machine method. Other gravity separation equipment for gravity separation also includes clamps, spiral chutes, etc.


3. Dehydration:

The concentrate and tailings of the separated gold placer usually contain a large amount of water, especially the tailings. According to relevant national regulations, tailings water that does not meet the standard shall not be discharged. The tailings dry stacking system can be used, which greatly reduces the water content of concentrates and tailings, and the discharged water can also be recycled. The tailings dry stacking equipment generally includes hydrocyclone, thickener, dewatering screen and so on. For small placer gold mines, dewatering screens can be used as dewatering equipment.

In addition, there are many other placer gold beneficiation methods and equipment, such as CIP process and froth flotation method. Depending on the type of placer gold ore, different placer gold beneficiation equipment should be used. The gravity separation method can be used for single placer gold ore, and the combined process can be used for placer gold ore containing other metals.

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