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Barite beneficiation process | Barite flotation

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Barite is an important barium-containing mineral, with high density, low hardness, insoluble in water and acid, non-toxic, non-magnetic and other physical and chemical properties, so it is widely used in petroleum, chemical, rubber, plastic, paint, glass, etc. and other industrial sectors.

The main beneficiation methods used in barite beneficiation include hand selection, gravity separation, flotation and magnetic separation.


For the purer barite ore, hand-selection or washing is often used to obtain barite concentrate; for the barite ore with simple composition and coarse particle size, gravity separation is often used; if the barite ore contains For harmful impurities such as iron, magnetic separation is used; for barite ore associated with sulfide ore, the combined process of gravity separation and flotation is often used.

From the development trend of barite ore beneficiation, due to the gradual depletion of barite ore resources, the ore composition is becoming more and more complex, and there are strict requirements on the fineness of barite products in application, so flotation is the current barite beneficiation. main direction of development.

 Barite flotation process

 The flotation of barite ore can be divided into two categories in terms of its associated minerals: barite-quartz-calcite-type ore and barite-fluorite-type ore. There are two main separation processes for barite-quartz-calcite type ore:

(1) Direct flotation, firstly add inhibitors to inhibit gangue minerals such as quartz and calcite, then add anionic collectors under weak alkaline conditions, and obtain barite after flotation roughing and 3~5 times selection concentrate.

(2) Float-recombination combined process, firstly adding sodium silicate and collector, flotation to remove quartz, and then according to the density difference between calcite and other gangue minerals and barite, barite concentrate is obtained by gravity separation.


 The separation and flotation process of barite-fluorite ore is to suppress quartz and other gangue first, and then mixed flotation to obtain a barite-fluorite mixed concentrate, and then separate the barite and fluorite. According to the order of barite and fluorite floating, it can be divided into two schemes: one is to inhibit the flotation of barite to fluorite, and the other is to inhibit the flotation of fluorite to barite.

 (1) Inhibit the barite flotation fluorite process

 The barite-flotation-flotation fluorite process is to first obtain a barite-fluorite mixed concentrate by flotation, and then add an inhibitor to suppress the barite to flotate the fluorite. This method can recover high-grade barite concentrate and fluorite concentrate at the same time, so it is widely used in industry.

 (2) Inhibition of fluorite flotation barite process

 In this process, inhibitor is added to inhibit the fluorite in the barite-fluorite mixed concentrate, and the barite concentrate is obtained by flotation, and fatty acid collectors and sodium silicate are added to the tailings. ) is selected to obtain fluorite concentrate. The process of this method is simple and easy to operate, and qualified barite concentrate can be obtained, but the grade of fluorite concentrate is often not high. For some ores that only require the recovery of barite, this method is more suitable.

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