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Three ways to obtain high-quality graphite

2022-04-20 Xinhai (469)

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Graphite is regarded as one of the important industrial mineral raw materials at home and abroad. It is widely used in refractory materials, conductive materials, wear-resistant lubricating materials, petrochemical and other industries. How can high-quality graphite be obtained in the process of graphite beneficiation Woolen cloth? Next, this article will introduce the beneficiation method and precautions of graphite for you.

Flotation process

The flotation process uses the natural flotability of graphite to remove silicate minerals such as clay, quartz, mica, and feldspar in graphite. Flotation method is often used for selection, and the common equipment is flotation cell and flotation column.


Gravity beneficiation process

Gravity beneficiation is to use the density difference between graphite and impurity minerals to remove minerals with large proportions such as pyrite, garnet, rutile and tremolite in graphite. The reselection method is often used for preprocessing.


Electric selection

Electro-separation uses the good electrical conductivity of graphite to remove minerals with poor electrical conductivity such as quartz, feldspar, and mica in graphite. Electrical selection is often used for rough selection.

Since the size of graphite phosphorus flakes is one of its important quality indicators, in order to select large phosphorus flake graphite, the following matters should be paid attention to:

(1) To reduce the fineness of coarse grinding, it is possible to consider using a columnar medium or a rod mill;

(2) The first stage regrinding adopts overflow ball mill and columnar medium;

(3) Under the same regrinding time conditions, the number of regrinding segments is small and the content of large flakes is high, that is, the graphite content of large flakes in short process is high;

(4) Rapid flotation, collector-free flotation process.