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Learn more about pyrite beneficiation production line

2023-03-10 Xinhai (280)

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Pyrite, the main component is FeS2. Pyrite is a very important mineral resource. It is the main raw material for extracting sulfur and producing sulfuric acid. It has very important applications in chemical industry, military industry and agriculture.

The beneficiation of pyrite is mainly done by gravity beneficiation methods and equipment. Gravity beneficiation of pyrite is based on the specific gravity difference between pyrite and gangue. The specific gravity of pyrite is 4.9-5.2, and the specific gravity of associated gangue is not more than 3.0.

The particle size of the pyrite embedded in the ore is generally relatively coarse, and a higher degree of monomer dissociation can be achieved through crushing or fine crushing, and then enters the gravity beneficiation process to produce high-grade pyrite. Next, let us learn more about the beneficiation process of pyrite through several pyrite production lines.

1. Pyrite ore beneficiation process

The pyrite beneficiation process adopts jaw crusher coarse crushing, rod mill fine crushing, trapezoidal jigging gravity beneficiation, dewatering screen dehydration and other processes and equipment configurations. Pyrite has a high hardness and a sulfur content of 15-20%. Through the processing of the pyrite production line, the sulfur content of the pyrite concentrate is 42.2%, and the recovery rate is over 90%, and various beneficiation indicators have been recognized by customers.

2. Coal-based pyrite beneficiation process

This pyrite beneficiation production line is to extract pyrite from coal gangue. Jaw crusher coarse crushing, hammer crusher fine crushing, trapezoidal jig gravity beneficiation, linear dewatering screen dehydration process and equipment configuration. It mainly completes the task of extracting pyrite from high-sulfur coal gangue. The gangue contains 20-25% sulfur, the jigging concentrate contains 38-42% sulfur, and the recovery rate is over 90%. All beneficiation indicators have been recognized by customers.

3. Coarse-grained pyrite counterweight beneficiation process

Pyrite has a relatively large proportion, and it can also be used in the counterweight industry in addition to military, agricultural, chemical and other industries. Coarse-grained pyrite is an excellent counterweight material. Most of the pyrite in Anhui, China is coarse-grained pyrite, which is very suitable for the production of pyrite for counterweight.

The pyrite beneficiation production line adopts the process and equipment configuration of jaw crusher coarse crushing, circular vibrating screen, large particle clamp and downward moving clamp for gravity beneficiation and dewatering screen dehydration. At the same time, the tasks of extracting coarse-grained pyrite and recovering fine-grained pyrite concentrate from the ore have been completed. The proportion of raw ore is 3.6, the proportion of concentrate is 4.4-4.6, and the recovery rate is over 90%. The beneficiation indicators fully meet customer requirements.

4. Mineral processing technology of fine-grained pyrite concentrate

Fine-grained pyrite concentrate production line refers to the production line of fine-grained pyrite concentrate. Regardless of whether the raw material is ore or coal gangue, fine-grained pyrite concentrate can be obtained after being processed by the beneficiation production line. Fine-grained pyrite concentrate is used in agriculture and the sulfuric acid industry. The beneficiation production line adopts the technological configuration of jaw crusher coarse crushing, rod mill fine crushing, jig gravity beneficiation, and dewatering screen dehydration. The task of extracting fine-grained pyrite concentrate from ore and coal gangue has been accomplished. The beneficiation indicators are good and well received by customers.

In fact, there is another method for beneficiation of pyrite, which is flotation. The beneficiation index of producing pyrite by flotation method is relatively high, but the equipment investment is huge, the production cost is high, and it is also harmful to the environment. Therefore, in recent years, the application of flotation in the field of pyrite beneficiation has become less and less. With the rapid development of gravity beneficiation equipment and technology, gravity beneficiation has a tendency to completely replace flotation.

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