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3 common pyrite beneficiation process

2023-01-25 Xinhai (308)

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Pyrite mostly exists in sedimentary pyrite deposits, polymetallic pyrite deposits and skarn-type pyrite deposits. Pyrite contains pyrite, marcasite, pyrrhotite and other minerals, among which pyrite is more common. Pyrite resources are abundant, and the economic rationality of the beneficiation process needs to be considered when recycling.

In the beneficiation process, pyrite is generally sorted by flotation. Depending on the properties of pyrite ore, flotation, gravity separation and other single sorting processes or combined processes can be selected for recovery. In this article, we will take you to understand the pyrite beneficiation process.

1. Pyrite gravity separation process

The single gravity separation process of pyrite is generally applied to ores with simple ore properties, coarse embedded particle size or uneven embedded particle size. For pyrite in lead-zinc ore or chalcopyrite flotation tailings, it can be used Single flotation method for recovery.

This process generally uses gravity separation equipment such as jigs, shakers, spiral chutes, and hydrocyclones. It has the advantages of simple process, simple equipment maintenance, low energy consumption, and low beneficiation cost, but at the same time, the recovery rate of pyrite is relatively low. Low.

2. Pyrite flotation process

The flotation process is the main process of pyrite ore. Pyrite is often produced in carbonate or silicate rocks during the mineralization process, which contains a large amount of silicon and calcium. The pyrite ore is mainly composed of carbonate gangue minerals, and the gangue minerals are mainly dolomite. , calcite, etc. These minerals are harmful impurities in the subsequent preparation of pyrite and consume a large amount of acid, so they need to be removed in an alkaline medium.】


For single pyrite, xanthates are generally used as collectors, among which butyl xanthate is more commonly used. When pyrite is oxidized, the flotation effect will be affected to a certain extent. At this time, sulfuric acid, oxalic acid and other agents can be added as activators to improve the flotation recovery rate of pyrite.

When the pyrite contains chalcopyrite, galena, sphalerite and other valuable metal-associated sulfide ores, it is necessary to float other valuable metal sulfide ores first, at this time the pyrite is suppressed to increase the concentration of other target minerals. Generally, inhibitors such as lime and sodium sulfide are used to suppress pyrite under alkaline conditions. After the recovery of other associated minerals, sulfuric acid can be used as the activator of pyrite, and then the pyrite can be recovered by flotation.

3. Combined process of gravity separation and flotation of pyrite

This process is mainly suitable for pyrite ore with uneven particle size or friable and easy grinding. Pyrite concentrate, and then re-grinding and re-selecting the re-selected middle ore and tailings by using a suitable flotation process to obtain high-quality pyrite concentrate.

The above is the introduction of the three common beneficiation processes of pyrite. It should be noted that when recycling pyrite, the economic rationality of the beneficiation process should be considered, and high-grade concentrate should be considered as much as possible under the premise that the nature of the ore permits. Therefore, the editor suggests that the ore should be analyzed and tested first to find out the nature and composition of the ore, and formulate the technological process with scientific and reasonable means to avoid economic losses and waste of resources.

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