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Manganese ore beneficiation methods list

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Manganese is widely distributed in nature, and almost all kinds of ores and silicate rocks contain manganese.

According to the ore-forming conditions of manganese ore, it can be divided into two categories: manganese oxide ore and manganese carbonate ore. In terms of mineral processing methods, the selected mineral processing methods are also different according to the nature of the ore.

At present, the main applicable manganese ore beneficiation methods are: ore washing and screening method, gravity separation method, strong magnetic separation method, flotation method, combined mineral processing method and leaching method, fire enrichment method, etc. Let's take a look at these manganese ore beneficiation methods together.

1. Manganese ore washing and screening method

The manganese ore washing method mainly uses hydraulic flushing or additional mechanical scrubbing to separate the ore from the mud. Usually, the ore washing operation is accompanied by the screening operation, such as washing directly on the vibrating screen or sending the ore (clean ore) obtained by the ore washing machine to the vibrating screen for screening. Sieving can be used as an independent operation to separate products of different particle sizes and grades for different purposes. Commonly used equipment includes washing screens, drum washing machines and trough washing machines.

2. Manganese ore gravity separation method

At present, the gravity separation method is only suitable for sorting manganese ores with simple structure and coarse particle size, especially manganese oxide ores with high density. The process for processing manganese oxide ore is generally to crush the ore to 6-0mm or 10-0mm, and then classify. The coarse-grade particles are sent to jigging separation, while the fine-grade particles are sent to the shaker for separation. The methods that can be used are dense media beneficiation, jigging beneficiation and shaking table beneficiation.


3. Strong magnetic separation method of manganese ore

Manganese minerals are weak magnetic minerals (specific magnetic susceptibility coefficient X=10×10-6~600×10-6cm3/g), and can be produced in a strong magnetic field magnetic separator with a magnetic field strength Ho=800-1600kA/m (10000-20000oe). Effective recovery can generally increase the manganese grade by 4%-10%.

Because the magnetic separation method has the characteristics of simple operation, easy control and strong adaptability, it is widely used in the separation of various manganese ores. In recent years, it has occupied an important position in manganese ore beneficiation. Magnetic machines have also been successfully developed.

4. Combined beneficiation method of manganese ore

01. Manganese ore gravity separation - magnetic separation combined method

Feed manganese ore with qualified particle size into the magnetic separator for weak magnetic separation to obtain strong magnetic manganese concentrate and weak magnetic separation tailings, and feed the tailings into the magnetic separator for strong magnetic separation to obtain strong magnetic separation tailings and concentrate , the concentrate is sent to the gravity separation equipment for separation, and the gravity separation manganese concentrate and tailings are obtained.

02. Manganese ore strong magnetic separation-flotation combined method

The strong magnetic separation-flotation method has good adaptability. The strong magnetic separator not only effectively removes the slime, but also improves the grade of flotation. Using strong magnetic-flotation desulfurization can directly obtain comprehensive manganese concentrate products; using sodium petroleum sulfonate instead of oxidized paraffin soap as a collector can make the pulp be separated at neutral and normal temperature, saving chemicals and energy consumption .

5. Manganese ore leaching method

Generally, manganese ore leaching methods include direct leaching, roasting leaching and bioleaching. Among them, the direct leaching method also includes dithionate method, sulfur dioxide method, ferrous sulfate method, etc.

Taking the sulfur dioxide manganese separation and leaching method as an example, the manganese ore is slurried and sulfur dioxide gas is introduced, and the manganese oxide in the ore is converted into MnSO4 and MnS2O6. Add lime milk to the filtrate to produce manganese hydroxide precipitation, and obtain solid manganese hydroxide after filtration. This method is suitable for processing low-grade, fine-grained manganese oxide ores.

6. Fire enrichment method

Manganese ore fire enrichment method is a method to deal with high phosphorus and high iron refractory manganese ore. It is generally called manganese-rich slag method. It mainly uses the difference in the reduction temperature of manganese, phosphorus and iron to control its temperature to selectively separate manganese, phosphorus, and iron. The fire enrichment method has simple process and stable production, and can effectively separate iron and phosphorus in the ore to obtain manganese-rich, low-iron, and low-phosphorus manganese-rich slag. This manganese-rich slag generally contains Mn35-45%, Mn/ Fe12-38, P/Mn<0.002, is a manganese-based alloy raw material, and it is also an artificial rich ore that is difficult for ordinary natural manganese-rich ore to meet the above three indicators at the same time.

The above are several commonly used methods for manganese ore dressing. No matter what kind of beneficiation method, it is determined according to the nature of the ore. Blindly imitating it is likely to cause the loss of manganese resources and reduce the return on investment.

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