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Characteristics of copper nickel sulfide ore beneficiation

2024-04-26 Xinhai (397)

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The properties of copper-nickel sulfide ores in the world are basically similar. The main minerals are composed of pyrrhotite, pentlandite, chalcopyrite, purple sulfur nickel ore and chalcopyrite. The common symbiotic minerals are copper-nickel iron ore and tetragonal sulfide. Iron ore, chalcopyrite and chalcopyrite are generally associated with platinum group minerals and a small amount of precious metals.

The particle size and distribution relationship of mineral aggregates in copper-nickel sulfide ores and the types of gangue minerals determine the formulation of the mineral processing process.


At present, the main technological processes used in production include flotation and magnetic separation-flotation combined process, and magnetic separation is often used as an auxiliary beneficiation method. In addition, the bioleaching process has been applied to the beneficiation production of fine-grained refractory ores. .


After hundreds of years of development, the copper-nickel sulfide ore beneficiation process has formed relatively obvious characteristics:


(1) Mainly flotation, most of which adopt "mixed-priority" flotation, and some also adopt magnetic separation-flotation combined process.

(2) Measures of mud and sand sorting and desliming are generally adopted

(3) Stage grinding and stage flotation, with the addition of medium ore re-selection in some cases.

(4) Using copper-nickel separation and precious metal separation processes

At present, the mixed flotation process is the most mature and widely used in the beneficiation of copper-nickel sulfide ores in my country.

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