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The use and maintenance of gold mine flotation machine

2016-10-15 Xinhai (1728)

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Flotation machine is mainly used for the rough separation, selection, sweep separation and reverse separation of non-ferrous, non-metal, and ferrous metal minerals. Flotation machines are the primary choice for efficient and energy-saving utilization of mineral resources, and are increasingly used in concentrators. In the process of use, correct operation and maintenance can give full play to the role of the flotation machine, improve production and use efficiency, save costs, and create more benefits. Today I will introduce to you about the use and maintenance of the gold flotation machine

Use and maintenance of flotation machine

During the flotation process, the flotation machine has 3 functions

1. Keep the ore slurry in a turbulent state to ensure the suspension of the ore particles and the dispersion of the medicament, and move and collide with a certain kinetic energy to achieve the attachment of the ore particles and the medicament;
2. Introduce air to generate bubbles of suitable size, sufficient quantity and suitable stability, which will be dispersed in the slurry, move with a certain kinetic energy, and collide with the agent and mineral particles to produce selective adhesion and realize mineralization; /br> 3. The mineralized bubbles can rise to the liquid level to form a three-phase foam layer and produce secondary enrichment; the foam concentrate and tailings can be discharged in time.

In the process of operating the flotation machine, you should always check:

1. The heating of the rolling bearings in the motor and the impeller body, the general bearing temperature rise should not exceed 65 degrees Celsius.
2. The tightness of the transmission belt should be appropriate.
3. The wear of the belt. If serious wear is found, the belts of the same length should be replaced in groups.
4. Check the tightness of the oil seal rubber ring, and pay special attention to the grease of the bearing weight not to leak into the slurry, so as not to affect the normal operation of the flotation work.
5. Whether there is enough grease at each lubrication point, add it in time if there is too little oil.
6. Check whether there are other sundries in the tank.

The above is the introduction to the use and maintenance of the flotation machine. For more information about the flotation machine, please consult the Xinhai flotation machine manufacturer.

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