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Gold mine cyanidation equipment

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There are two methods for cyanide gold extraction: stirring cyanide gold extraction and percolation cyanide gold extraction. Stirring cyanidation is generally used to extract gold from flotation concentrate or full mud cyanidation, and carbon slurry and carbon leaching are mostly used to extract gold; percolation cyanidation is mostly used to treat lower-grade oxidized ores containing gold. , the ore beneficiation process generally adopts the pool leaching gold beneficiation process or the heap leaching gold beneficiation process.

Stirring cyanide gold extraction equipment: mainly based on analytical electrolysis system and zinc powder replacement system, which puts activated carbon into cyanide slurry, adsorbs the dissolved gold on the activated carbon, and then extracts gold from the activated carbon;

     Percolation and cyanide gold extraction equipment: Most of them are pool leaching and heap leaching systems. The cyanide leach solution is pool leached or sprayed or percolated, so that the solution passes through the ore to produce percolation and leaching.

Gold mine flotation equipment

Gold mine flotation uses collectors, foaming agents, etc. to change the hydrophobicity differences between minerals to achieve the enrichment of useful minerals. It is generally used for sulfide minerals with fine gold particles and high floatability, such as gold-bearing quartz vein ores. For minerals with more complex ore properties, they can be enriched through flotation + various mineral processing methods.

Gold ore flotation equipment is mainly based on flotation machines. Currently, the flotation machines used in processing plants are mainly mechanical stirring type and air-filled stirring type.

Gold mine gravity separation equipment

Gravity separation uses the density difference between useful minerals and impurity ores for mineral separation. For some coarse-grained free gold, which cannot be effectively recovered by flotation or hydrometallurgy, gravity separation is required. Therefore, the gravity separation method is mostly suitable for processing placer gold and Lode gold recovers monomeric dissociated coarse gold before and after flotation and leaching.

The main gravity separation equipment includes: jig, shaker, spiral chute, centrifugal concentrator, etc.

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