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New approach to gold mine development: heap leaching process

2023-11-30 Xinhai (226)

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The gold heap leaching process is often used in gold mines with small enriched ore bodies or low grade or both, which cannot be developed and utilized through conventional methods.

The main process flow is to crush low-grade gold ore to a certain particle size (or granular shape), stack it on a leak-proof bottom pad made of asphalt or plastic and other materials, and use low-concentration cyanide, alkaline solution, and non-toxic spray of solvent and other solutions The gold is dissolved in the ore pile, the gold-containing solution percolates out of the ore pile, and then the gold is recovered through activated carbon adsorption and other methods.

Process flow

The heap leach process consists of site concrete, ore pre-treatment (crushing or production), concrete pile, spray leach, disinfection and discharge to recover gold from the mother liquor.

Raw ore processing

After the raw ore is ground by the jaw crusher and cone crusher, the particles become (30-50mm) and poured directly into the concrete; fine particles need to be produced (making the fine particles into coarse particles), and then the mineral trucks are transported by forklifts to Concrete pile.

Spray system

Place a mist system above the pile. After the cyanide solution reacts with the stock pile, the mother liquor seeps out from the stock pile, flows into the mother liquor tank, and is penetrated into the absorption tower by the mother liquor pump. The remaining solution is lean liquid, and the lean liquid is returned to the spray system for recycling.

Desorption and Electrodeposition

During the desorption and electrolytic extraction processes, gold slurry is produced through high temperature and high pressure, and after smelting, gold ingots are obtained.

The main equipment for heap leaching includes: jaw crusher, cone crusher, spray device, desorption power ore, smelting device, etc.

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