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How to beneficiate skarn gold ore?

2023-04-24 Xinhai (250)

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Skarn gold ore is a type of gold deposit that is commonly found in metamorphic rocks. The beneficiation process of skarn gold ore mainly includes gravity separation, flotation, cyanidation, and combined processing methods.

  1. Gravity Separation: Gravity separation is a common method used to separate skarn gold ores. It can be used to recover coarse gold and monomer gold in the ore, and it is also an effective method for recovering placer gold. The gravity separation method includes heavy medium separation, jigging, and shaking table methods.

  2. Flotation: Flotation is an effective method for separating sulfide minerals from skarn gold ores. The flotation process is to add a certain amount of collector and foaming agent to the pulp, stir it well, and then introduce air to produce bubbles. The bubbles adhere to the surface of the mineral particles, making them buoyant and separating them from other minerals.

  3. Cyanidation: Cyanidation is a commonly used method for gold extraction from skarn gold ores. The process involves crushing the ore into fine particles, then adding cyanide solution to the pulp, and then stirring and leaching for a certain period of time. The gold in the ore is dissolved in the cyanide solution, forming a gold-cyanide complex, which is then extracted by activated carbon or other methods.

  4. Combined Processing: Combined processing is the use of two or more beneficiation methods to recover gold from skarn gold ores. The common combined processing methods include gravity-flotation, flotation-cyanidation, and gravity-flotation-cyanidation methods. These methods can greatly improve the recovery rate of gold and reduce the consumption of reagents.

In addition to these methods, other methods can also be used for the beneficiation of skarn gold ores, such as roasting, pressure oxidation, and bioleaching. The specific method used should be determined according to the specific characteristics of the ore and the requirements of the production process.

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