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How to get high quality battery graphite?

2023-04-19 Xinhai (258)

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To get high-quality battery graphite, several steps are involved:

Purification: The first step in producing high-quality battery graphite is to purify the natural graphite to remove impurities such as sulfur, silicon, and other minerals. The purification process typically involves chemical and thermal treatments to remove the impurities.

Spheronization: Spheronization is a process that converts the purified graphite into a spherical shape. This is an important step because spherical graphite is more efficient in batteries than traditional flake graphite. This process involves grinding the graphite into a fine powder, mixing it with a binder, and then rolling it into small spheres.

Coating: The next step is to coat the spherical graphite particles with a thin layer of a conductive material, such as carbon black or graphene. This coating improves the conductivity of the graphite, which improves the efficiency of the battery.

Drying: After coating, the graphite particles are dried to remove any remaining moisture.

Classification and grading: The graphite particles are then classified and graded based on their size and purity.

Quality control: The final step is quality control, where the graphite is tested to ensure it meets the required specifications for use in batteries.

Overall, producing high-quality battery graphite involves a combination of purification, spheronization, coating, drying, classification and grading, and quality control.

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