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An article to understand the process and equipment of kaolin mineral processing

2022-04-24 Xinhai (470)

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Kaolin is a non-metallic mineral. Kaolin has a wide range of uses, mainly used in papermaking, enamel, rubber and plastic, ceramics and refractory materials. Sandy kaolin is one of the industrial types of kaolin, which belongs to non-coal kaolin. Next, this article will introduce the processing technology and equipment of sandpaper kaolin.

The common beneficiation process of kaolin is wet process, which includes three processes: mashing and sand removal, purification, and product drying.

(1) Slurry and sand removal: The process of fully dispersing kaolin in water to form ore slurry and removing impurities.

(2) Purification: By means of gravity separation, magnetic separation, flotation and other beneficiation methods, the impurity minerals in the ore are removed and the kaolin is purified.

(3) Product drying: The purified kaolin is dehydrated with the help of equipment.


Kaolin mineral processing equipment

(1) Ramming machine: It is mainly used for the dispersing and pulping of materials in the process of ramming and sand removal.

(2) Special hydrocyclone for kaolin: it is a kind of hydrocyclone for non-metallic minerals with novel structure, small diameter and small cone angle design, high classification efficiency and precision, and is often used for grinding, classification and concentrated of non-metallic minerals.

(3) Drum magnetic separator: used to remove strong magnetic impurity minerals in kaolin.


(4) Electromagnetic Slurry Magnetic Separator: It is more effective for removing low-content weak magnetic impurity minerals in kaolin.

(5) Centrifugal classifier: used for material classification.

(6) Peeling machine: By means of mechanical pulverization and peeling, the particles of kaolin are made finer, which can improve the whiteness of kaolin to a certain extent.

(7) Double impeller leaching agitation tank: used for bleaching treatment of kaolin pulp, the purpose is to remove iron impurities and improve the whiteness of kaolin products.

(8) High-efficiency deep-cone thickener: used for washing and concentrating kaolin slurry.

(9) Diaphragm filter press: used for dehydration after kaolin concentration.