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Very Practical!Magnetite Beneficiation Processing

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Magnetite is the main ore type in iron ore beneficiation. Magnetite has certain magnetic properties, so the most commonly used beneficiation method for magnetite is magnetic separation. However, magnetite ores in nature are not all pure and pure. In most cases, they are mixed ore associated with other minerals. In mineral processing, magnetic separation is usually the main method, supplemented by flotation and gravity separation and roasting etc.

Magnetite Single Magnetic Separation Process

The single magnetic separation process is suitable for single magnetite, which has a simple composition, strong magnetic properties, easy grinding and easy separation, so the weak magnetic separation can achieve a better separation effect. According to different ore dissemination characteristics and embedded particle size, the grinding process can be appropriately changed in order to improve the sorting effect of the subsequent magnetic separation process.

The commonly used beneficiation equipment for a single magnetic separation process is a permanent magnetic drum magnetic separator.


Magnetite Low Intensity Magnetic Separation-Reverse Flotation Process

When the magnetite gangue minerals contain impurities such as silicate minerals, apatite and chalcopyrite, the magnetic separation method cannot remove the above impurities in the iron concentrate well, which will lead to a high silicon content in the iron concentrate. In this case, after the iron concentrate is obtained by low-intensity magnetic separation process, the reverse flotation method can be used to remove impurity minerals.

The equipment used in the low intensity magnetic separate-reverse flotation process includes permanent magnet drum magnetic separator and flotation cell.


Magnetite Weak Magnetic-Strong Magnetic-Flotation Combined Process

The weak magnetic-strong magnetic-flotation combined process is suitable for polymetallic magnetite ores. Because the mineral composition in the ore is complex and there are minerals similar to magnetite, a combined process of multiple beneficiation methods is required. The weak magnetic-flotation process is suitable for the treatment of sulfide-associated magnetite ore; the weak magnetic-strong magnetic process is suitable for the treatment of mixed ores such as magnetite, hematite, etc.; the weak magnetic-strong magnetic-flotation process is suitable for processing magnetite associated with polymetallics.

There are no two identical mines in the world. Due to geographical location, climate and other reasons, magnetite will also have different dissemination characteristics and different compositions. In order to achieve the best economic benefits, it is necessary to ddetermine the optimal beneficiation scheme through mineral processing tests

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