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Lead oxide zinc ore flotation and gravity separation

2024-03-05 Xinhai (179)

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Compared with lead-zinc sulfide ore, lead-zinc oxide ore has a more complex composition, many associated minerals, and finer particle size. It is easy to produce slime and contains a large amount of soluble salts. Various reasons make the processing of lead-zinc oxide ore difficult. This article will introduce you to 2 mineral processing methods and teach you how to select lead and zinc ores.


The fatty acid collector flotation method can be directly used for the flotation of zinc oxide minerals, and can also be used in reverse flotation to remove carbonates and sulfates in the concentrate to improve the grade of the concentrate. You can first use sulfide-xanthate flotation method to flotate lead minerals, then use sodium carbonate and sodium silicate to silicate gangue minerals, and use fatty acid collectors to flotate zinc oxide minerals.

The fatty acid collector flotation method is mainly used to flotate lead-zinc ore with low iron content and a small amount of carbonate and sulfate gangue minerals.


Gravity separation is a commonly used mineral separation method, suitable for the separation of lead oxide ores. The principle is to use the difference in specific gravity of minerals in water to separate useful minerals from useless minerals. The reason why lead oxide minerals can be separated using gravity separation is because of their large specific gravity. Common lead oxide minerals such as lead alumite, lead antimony ore, manganese lead ore, etc. have a specific gravity between 5.0 and 7.0.

During the gravity separation process, the impurities and light minerals in the ore are separated by the action of water flow or air flow, thereby obtaining the gravity separation product of lead-containing minerals and achieving the separation of lead oxide minerals.

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