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Magnesium beneficiation process

2023-04-27 Xinhai (245)

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The magnesium beneficiation process generally includes ore crushing, ore grinding, flotation and other processes.

Proceed as follows:

Ore crushing: Use jaw crusher, cone crusher and other equipment to crush ore to obtain coarsely crushed ore.

Grinding: Use ball mill, rod mill and other equipment to grind the coarsely crushed ore to achieve the required particle size.

Flotation: Flotation of ore using equipment such as flotation cells to selectively extract magnesium from the ore.

Separation: use shaking table, filter and other equipment to separate the flotation products to obtain magnesium products with higher purity.

The specific process flow and parameters need to be adjusted and optimized according to the actual situation in order to obtain the best magnesium beneficiation effect.

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