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Efficient magnetic separation process to improve the quality of sand and gravel

2023-08-01 Xinhai (240)

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The main function of sand washing equipment is to remove impurities in sand and improve the quality of sand to suit different applications. One of the key steps in this process is magnetic separation. Therefore, high-efficiency magnetic separation process has become a promising solution for sand washing plants. This innovative method uses powerful magnets to attract and extract iron-bearing minerals and other magnetic particles from the raw material mixture. By integrating this process into their operations, sand plant operators can achieve superior levels of purification while maximizing product throughput.

High-efficiency magnetic separation process in sand washing plant

The magnetic separation process of sand washing equipment is to separate the sand containing ferromagnetic substances through magnetic separation equipment. The following are the main steps of the magnetic separation process in the sand washing plant:

Crushing: Preliminarily crush the raw sand ore through crushing equipment (such as jaw crusher, cone crusher, etc.) to make its particle size suitable for subsequent magnetic separation equipment.

Washing: The crushed placer is sent to washing equipment (such as sand washing machine, screening machine, etc.), and non-magnetic substances such as soil and impurities are removed through washing and screening of water flow to obtain magnetic placer. minerals.

Magnetic separation: transport the washed placer to magnetic separation equipment, usually using a magnetic separator. There is a strong magnetic field inside the magnetic separator, and the magnetic minerals are attracted to the magnetic roller or magnetic plate under the action of the magnetic force, while the non-magnetic substances are excluded.

Separation: After magnetic separation, magnetic minerals are separated to form magnetic separation products. The grade and recovery rate of magnetic separation products can be controlled by adjusting magnetic rollers or magnetic plates.

Iron removal: Since some iron impurities may be adsorbed together during the magnetic separation process after magnetic separation, it is necessary to remove iron from the product to remove iron impurities and improve ore quality.

The specific process flow may vary due to the nature of ore and process requirements, so in practical applications, certain adjustments and improvements may be made to the process flow.

The use of magnetic separation in sand washing plants can improve product quality, purity and production efficiency, while achieving resource recovery and environmental protection. These advantages make magnetic separation a commonly used process in sand washing plants. It effectively removes unwanted iron particles from the sand, thereby improving the quality and purity of the final product. This not only improves the overall performance of the sand in various applications, it also reduces the risk of contamination and increases the efficiency of downstream processes. Xinhai can customize sand washing plants, including silica sand, kaolin, etc., and can also be applied to various large-scale sand production lines.

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