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Potassium feldspar beneficiation process separation operation

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1. Potassium feldspar magnetic separation process

Because iron minerals, biotite, tourmaline, etc. in potassium feldspar have certain magnetic properties, magnetic separation is an important separation process for feldspar. Usually, these minerals have weak magnetic properties, so they can be sorted by strong magnetic separation process and equipment.

2. Potassium feldspar flotation process

Flotation has a good effect on improving the quality of potassium feldspar products. It can not only remove iron and titanium minerals in potassium feldspar, but also realize the separation of feldspar and quartz. For different impurities, the flotation agents used will also be different.

01. It is often used when separating potassium feldspar and mica, which can reduce the loss of feldspar in mica flotation. Generally, reverse flotation can be carried out under acidic or alkaline conditions, but most processing plants use amine cationic collectors for reverse flotation under acidic conditions.

02. When separating potassium feldspar and quartz, acid flotation, neutral flotation and alkaline flotation can be used.

◆Acidic flotation method: under the action of pH=2-3, use mixed anion and cation collectors to preferentially float potassium feldspar.

◆Neutral flotation method: Use amine cationic collectors to collect potassium feldspar in natural neutral medium.

◆Alkaline flotation method: Under the condition of pH=11-12, alkaline earth metal ions are used as activators, and alkylsulfonate collectors are used to reverse flotation quartz.

3. Potassium feldspar acid leaching process

Acid leaching is also an effective way to remove potassium feldspar impurities. Sulfuric acid with higher concentration is often used for leaching at high temperature for a longer period of time to remove iron impurities. It is often suitable for impurities with fine embedded crystal structure in potassium feldspar.

4. Potassium feldspar combined beneficiation process

For refractory potassium feldspar ores with high iron content or some iron minerals infiltrated in the feldspar cleavage in the form of iron staining, it is difficult to meet the beneficiation requirements of such ores with a single beneficiation method. At this time, a combined beneficiation process, such as magnetic Separation-flotation method, reverse flotation-strong magnetic separation method, etc., can often obtain better separation effect than single beneficiation method.

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