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Production and processing flow of oxidized gold ore

2023-07-10 Xinhai (162)

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Gold ore production process and equipment are mainly divided into two categories: physical beneficiation process and chemical beneficiation process.

Physical beneficiation process: flotation, gravity separation. The flotation method is used to process various vein gold, silver ore, and sulfide ore, and the gravity separation method is used to process low-grade placer gold. Chemical mineral processing process: cyanide method, thiourea method, thiosulfate method, aqueous solution chlorination method, bromine solution leaching method, bacterial leaching method, amalgamation method, etc. For some refractory gold mines, oxidation roasting method, pressurized oxidation method, bacterial oxidation method, acid leaching, alkali leaching pretreatment method, ferric chloride method, etc. are also used.

The gold ore production process and equipment mainly include single gravity separation, single flotation, gravity separation-flotation, amalgamation-flotation, all-slim cyanidation-zinc powder replacement, all-slime cyanide carbon slurry, all-slime cyanide Resin gold extraction process, flotation + cyanidation of gold concentrate, heap leaching process, etc. According to the needs, a combined process can be used, such as gravity separation-flotation, flotation-cyanidation (cyanidation of concentrate or tailings), cyanide-flotation and gravity separation (flotation)-carbon leaching process, etc. Applications in mines.

The gold ore production process and equipment are relatively simple. First, the large pieces of gold ore enter the jaw crusher for preliminary crushing, and after being screened by the circular vibrating screen, the unqualified materials enter the jaw crusher for re-crushing, and the qualified gold ore will be crushed. Send it to the ball mill for grinding; the ground pulp will be classified under the action of the spiral classifier. Similarly, only the pulp that meets the conditions can enter the mixing tank and mix with the chemical agent, and then fully stir evenly; next, send it to the The minerals and pulp are completely reacted in the flotation machine, and then the gold concentrate can be obtained; then the gold concentrate is preliminarily concentrated, and then dried and dehydrated in the dryer, and the finished gold concentrate can be obtained.

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