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How to beneficiate red-brown composite iron ore?

2023-07-12 Xinhai (234)

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The red-brown composite iron ore is mainly composed of hematite and limonite, and the gangue minerals are mainly quartz, mica, calcite and a small amount of dolomite. Red-brown composite iron ore has complex composition and fine disseminated particle size, which belongs to a kind of refractory iron ore. After continuous exploration and technological improvement in recent years, red-brown composite iron ore mainly has three beneficiation processes.

Process 1: Magnetic separation + reverse flotation

That is, stage grinding is adopted first, a large number of qualified tailings are thrown out in the rough grinding stage, and the coarse concentrate is ground again to improve the stability of the subsequent beneficiation process. The concentrate is subjected to strong magnetic separation after weak magnetic separation, and the magnetic separation concentrate is subjected to anion reverse flotation in the flotation machine to obtain qualified iron concentrate.

Process 2: re-election + reverse flotation

The stage grinding method is also adopted, and the stability is improved by regrinding while the tailings are being thrown out. After grinding, the raw ore enters the gravity separation process after pulping, and the gravity separation concentrate processed by spiral chute, shaking table and jig machine is transported into the flotation machine for anion reverse flotation to obtain qualified iron concentrate .

Process Three: Magnetic Separation + Gravity Separation + Flotation

That is, the ore after stage grinding is firstly subjected to magnetic separation, and the magnetically separated rough concentrate is reground and then the concentrate enters the gravity separation process, and the gravity separation concentrate is classified. After the classification is completed, the flotation machine is used for flotation treatment to obtain qualified iron concentrate.

Among the above three methods, the advantages of the first process are stable production and convenient operation, but the disadvantage is that it consumes more energy. The advantage of the second process is that the production efficiency is higher, but the disadvantage is that the operation is more difficult. The third advantage of the technological process is that the concentrate grade is high, but the process is long and relatively complicated. The majority of customers can consider which method to choose according to their actual situation.

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