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Pyrite gravity separation process

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The main component of pyrite is FeS2, which is the main raw material for making sulfuric acid. Due to its huge specific gravity, it is often used as a filler. The specific gravity of pyrite is 4.9-5.2, and its beneficiation method is mainly gravity separation. Pyrite has a larger specific gravity and coarser particle size, while associated gangue generally has a smaller specific gravity. Therefore, ideal mineral processing indicators can be obtained by utilizing the difference in specific gravity between pyrite and waste rock for gravity separation. The gravity separation process is also commonly used in pyrite mineral processing technology. Flotation technology can also be used to benefit low-grade, fine-grained, violent ores. However, the investment in flotation technology equipment is large, the operating cost is high, and it also causes certain pollution to the environment.

Pyrite gravity separation process

The embedded particle size of pyrite is generally coarser, especially coal-based pyrite and Ma'anshan coarse-grained pyrite. First, the raw ore is crushed until the pyrite and waste rock are separated, and then enters the jig for sorting. Good mineral processing indicators can be obtained in one sorting, and the concentrate grade and recovery rate are both satisfactory.

The pyrite gravity separation process has the advantages of energy saving, high efficiency, environmental protection, small equipment investment, and low operating cost. It has become one of the basic methods of pyrite beneficiation and is widely used in new pyrite beneficiation plants. The mineral processing equipment is mainly a jig; sometimes, a shaker is used.

Introduction to pyrite gravity separation process

The raw pyrite ore is crushed by the jaw crusher to the optimal particle size of the rod mill, and then transported to the rod mill for grinding through a belt conveyor to dissociate the pyrite and waste rock monomers. The ground product goes directly into the fixture. The machine performs gravity separation and separates concentrate and tailings at one time.

The purpose of this process using a rod mill for grinding is to ensure uniform and adjustable particle size of the material discharged from the rod mill and large processing capacity. Pyrite is not easily crushed excessively during the grinding process, which is beneficial to the separation effect and efficiency of the gravity separation process.

Depending on the particle size of the pyrite, we use the corresponding jig. If the particle size is fine, we use a fine-grained gravity separation sawtooth wave jig. If the grain size is coarser, we use an ordinary sine wave fixture.

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