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Quartz sand scrubbing iron removal plant

2023-04-21 Xinhai (235)

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Quartz sand scrubbing iron removal plant is a process to remove impurities such as iron and aluminum from quartz sand using scrubbing, desliming, magnetic separation, flotation and other techniques. The main equipment used in this process includes scrubbing machines, desliming machines, hydrocyclones, magnetic separators, flotation machines, etc.

The process flow of quartz sand scrubbing iron removal plant is as follows:

  1. Scrubbing: Use a scrubbing machine to remove the surface impurities of quartz sand and reduce the content of iron minerals.

  2. Desliming: Use a desliming machine to remove the sludge and fine particles in the quartz sand.

  3. Magnetic separation: Use a magnetic separator to remove magnetic impurities such as iron and titanium minerals in the quartz sand.

  4. Flotation: Use a flotation machine to remove non-magnetic impurities such as feldspar and mica.

  5. Dewatering: Use a hydrocyclone to dewater the cleaned quartz sand.

By using the above process, the content of impurities such as iron and aluminum in quartz sand can be effectively reduced, and high-purity quartz sand can be obtained for use in industries such as semiconductor, solar energy, and high-tech fields.

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