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How to recover quartz from fluorite tailings?

2023-06-30 Xinhai (257)

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Fluorite ore mainly consists of quartz and a small amount of mica, pyroxene, feldspar, chlorite, etc. as the main associated minerals. Usually, after the ore is crushed and ground, it is often obtained by a rougher selection and multiple selection methods to obtain higher grades. Fluorite concentrate, and tailings containing a large amount of quartz and other associated minerals after flotation are discarded in tailings ponds and have not been effectively utilized for a long time.

Taking a fluorite concentrator in Hunan as an example, the fluorite concentrator processes 100,000 tons of fluorite raw ore per year, with an annual output of 80,000 tons of tailings. The main minerals are quartz, mica, magnetite and pyrite, and A small amount of other silicate minerals; the SiO2 content of the raw ore is 89%, which is a typical quartz-type fluorite tailings and has a strong comprehensive recovery value.

Under the condition of no desliming, iron removal by magnetic separation (field strength 0.15 T), reverse flotation desulfurization process (butadiene xanthate 50 g/t; No. 2 oil 2 g/t; pH=8.0) According to the flotation sequence, a high-purity quartz concentrate with a SiO2 grade of 98.66% and a recovery rate of 66.07% can be obtained.

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