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Rock Copper Mine Gravity Concentration Plant Description

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Copper ore refers to the general term for existing copper-containing natural mineral aggregates. Copper ore is generally a collection of minerals such as copper sulfide or oxides, which reacts with sulfuric acid to produce blue-green copper sulfate.

Industrial minerals of copper include natural copper, chalcopyrite, chalcocite, tetrahedron, chalcocite, malachite, etc. There are more than 280 kinds of copper-containing minerals that have been discovered, of which only 16 are the main minerals.

Rock Copper Mine Gravity Concentration Plant Description

The device is a complete set of rock copper concentrator, including crushing, grinding, gravity separation, copper concentrate dehydration system, tailings water recovery system, etc.


The main equipment of the plant: feed hopper, chute feeder, primary jaw crusher, secondary jaw crusher, impact tertiary crusher, ball mill, spiral chute, vibrating table, cone concentrate concentrator, plate filter press, Tailings thickener.


The chute feeder is used to feed raw materials into the primary jaw crusher more stably and smoothly. The primary jaw crusher is used to break large rocks into smaller sizes, the secondary jaw crusher is used to break rocks below 30mm, and the impact tertiary crusher is used to break rocks below 10mm, so that smaller rocks can be crushed. The model improves the grinding effect of the ball mill and saves energy and costs. The ball mill is used in conjunction with the cyclone separator to grind 0-10mm materials to 200 mesh. Then the 200-mesh slurry is pumped into the two-stage spiral chute for primary sorting. All the heavy mineral concentrate in the spiral chute enters the shaking table for separation, thereby obtaining high-grade copper concentrate.

After the copper concentrate is obtained from the shaking table, the concentrate is pumped into the concentrator to form a concentrate of suitable density, and then enters the plate filter press to filter the water to obtain dry copper concentrate. At the same time, all tailings will enter the cone thickener to form a suitable density, and then enter the plate filter press to recycle the water.