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Several Strategies for Shocking Gold Mineral Processing

2023-04-24 Xinhai (259)

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Gold mineral processing refers to the extraction of gold from its ores. Shocking is a process used to increase the recovery rate of gold from ores that are difficult to process. Here are several strategies for shocking gold mineral processing:

  1. Grinding and classification optimization: The particle size of the gold ore directly affects the gold recovery rate. The finer the particle size of the gold ore, the higher the gold recovery rate. Therefore, the grinding and classification process should be optimized to achieve the best particle size for gold recovery.

  2. Gravity separation optimization: Gravity separation is the most commonly used gold recovery method. The efficiency of gravity separation depends on the particle size, density, and shape of the gold particles. To optimize gravity separation, the gold particles should be well liberated and the concentration of the gold particles in the feed should be increased.

  3. Flotation optimization: Flotation is a process used to separate minerals based on their surface properties. Gold particles can be separated from other minerals using flotation by adding special chemicals called collectors to the flotation cell. To optimize flotation, the collector dosage and the pH value should be adjusted to maximize the recovery of gold.

  4. Cyanidation optimization: Cyanidation is a process used to extract gold from its ores using cyanide. Cyanide leaching is the most commonly used method for gold recovery. To optimize cyanidation, the cyanide concentration, oxygen level, and temperature should be controlled to maximize the gold recovery rate.

  5. Use of alternative reagents: In recent years, alternative reagents to cyanide, such as thiosulfate, have been developed. These reagents are less toxic and environmentally friendly. To shock gold mineral processing, the use of these alternative reagents can be explored to increase the gold recovery rate.

Overall, the key to shocking gold mineral processing is to optimize each process and to explore new methods to increase the gold recovery rate.

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