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What are the points for attention in the selection of lithium ore flotation reagents?

2023-04-24 Xinhai (252)

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The selection of flotation reagents for lithium ore processing is crucial for achieving high lithium recovery and purity. Here are some points to consider when selecting flotation reagents:

  1. Mineralogy: The mineralogical characteristics of the ore should be taken into account when selecting reagents. For example, spodumene is often found in association with other minerals such as feldspar and mica, which can interfere with the flotation process. In such cases, selective collectors and depressants may be required.

  2. pH: The pH of the flotation pulp is important as it can affect the performance of the flotation reagents. Lithium minerals often float best at a slightly acidic pH, so the pH of the pulp should be carefully controlled.

  3. Type of reagents: There are several types of reagents used in lithium ore flotation, including collectors, frothers, and depressants. Collectors are used to selectively adsorb on the surface of the lithium minerals, while depressants are used to selectively inhibit the flotation of unwanted minerals. Frothers are added to the flotation pulp to stabilize the froth and promote the formation of a stable foam.

  4. Dosage: The amount of reagent added to the flotation pulp should be carefully controlled to avoid over-concentration or under-concentration, which can affect the flotation performance.

  5. Mixing: The reagents should be thoroughly mixed with the flotation pulp to ensure uniform distribution of the reagents throughout the pulp.

  6. Testing: It is important to conduct laboratory testing to determine the most effective reagents and dosages for a particular ore type. Pilot plant testing can also be useful to validate the laboratory results and optimize the flotation process.

Overall, the selection of flotation reagents for lithium ore processing requires careful consideration of the mineralogy, pH, type of reagents, dosage, mixing, and testing. By optimizing the flotation process, it is possible to achieve high lithium recovery and purity.

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