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Agitation Tank

Agitation Tank

【Product Introduction】:A traditional slurry Agitation Tank

【Applicable Materials】:The cylinder of Xinhai ordinary mixing tank can be lined with wear-resistant and anti-corrosion rubber liner, which can effectively extend the service life of the equipment.

【Production Capacity】:0.0785~45m³

【Product Application】:Ordinary stirring tank is mainly used for mixing the slurry before the flotation operation, so that the reagent and the slurry are fully mixed. It can also be used for slurry mixing in chemical and building materials industries,

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Product Description

The advantages of ordinary agitated tank

The cylinder can be lined with high wear-resistant rubber, which has strong anti-corrosion and wear resistance;

The impeller design has strong slurry mixing capacity;

Stable operation and convenient maintenance.

The working principle of ordinary mixing tank

Under the rotation of the blade impeller, the stirring tank is discharged from the lower end of the impeller in the axial direction, and negative pressure is formed in the impeller cavity, so that the slurry flows from the top of the stirring tank impeller into the impeller cavity for supplementation. At the same time, under the guiding effect of the flow stabilizing plate, the slurry forms a vertical circulating flow in the tank with the center downwards and the circumference upwards. When the upward flow velocity of the slurry is greater than the settling velocity of the ore particles, the ore particles in the slurry will be in a suspended state and maintain a uniform concentration.

Product Image

Mixing tank impeller Mixing tank impeller Mine slurry mixing tank Mine slurry mixing tank

Product FAQ

The uniqueness of Xinhai ordinary mixing tank

Xinhai's mixing tank is lined with a patented wear-resistant rubber sheet, which greatly extends the service life and saves costs for the plant. Shaanxi No. 1 Iron Ore Concentrator has high ore hardness, and the abrasion of the mixing tank during the mixing process before flotation is large, and the equipment is replaced frequently, which increases a lot of costs. The factory has been struggling to find a mixing machinery with good wear resistance. After consulting from various parties, I came to Xinhai Mining Equipment for purchase. Today, Xinhai's ordinary mixing tank has been operating on the production line of the factory for five years and is still being used in the production line.

Product Parameter

Model effective volume (m3) Impeller speed (r.p.m) Impeller diameter (mm) Motor model Motor power (kw) Weight (kg)
BJ-500X500 0.0785 493 160 Y80L-4 0.55 120
BJ-750X750 0.25 530 240 Y100L-6 1.5 240
BJ-1000X1000 0.58 530 310 Y100L-6 1.5 680
BJ-1500X1500 2.2 320 400 Y132S-6 3 790
BJ-1600X1800 2.6 331 400 Y132M2-6 5.5 990
BJ-2000X2000 4.4 230 550 Y132M2-6 5.5 1800
BJ-2000X2500 5.9 230 630 Y160M-6 7.5 2106
BJ-2500X2500 9.2 230 630 Y160M-6 7.5 2766
BJ-3000X3000 14.8 210 700 Y225S-8 18.5 4613
BJ-3500X3500 24 230 850 Y225M-8 22 5980
BJ-4000 X 4000 45 153 1000 Y250M-8 30 8910

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