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Spring cone crusher

Spring cone crusher

【Product Introduction】:The spring cone crusher is a medium-to-fine cone crusher equipment. The spring functions as a safety device and affects the crushing force.

【Applicable Materials】:Break through ores and rocks with medium or above hardness, such as iron ore, copper ore, limestone, granite, quartz, etc.

【Production Capacity】:12~1000t/h

【Product Application】: Break the ores and rocks with medium hardness and above, such as iron ore, copper ore, limestone, granite, quartz, etc.

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Product Description

The working principle of cone crusher

The moving cone rotates continuously, the crushing process and the unloading process of the material are alternately and continuously carried out along the working surface, and the productivity is high;
The material of the product is relatively uniform, with a cubic shape, and the wear on the working surface of the moving cone is also relatively uniform;
The moving cone and the fixed cone are both upright. When the moving cone swings, there is a parallel belt with equal gap between the moving cone and the fixed cone near the discharge port of the crushing chamber, so that the finished product has a uniform material ratio. The size of the feed port is not large, and all the materials that can be processed are the first crushed materials;
This series of cone crushers adopt dry oil or water sealing methods to prevent dust and impurities from entering the body, thus ensuring the cleanliness of the lubricating oil, prolonging the service life of sliding bearings and thrust ball bearings, and ensuring reliable operation of the machine.

The working principle of cone crusher

When the cone crusher is working, the motor drives the large bevel gear at the bottom of the eccentric sleeve through the hydraulic coupling and the small bevel gear, so that the eccentric sleeve rotates, causing the cone to swing and crush the material. The main shaft of the crusher does not move, but only supports the spherical tiles to withstand the crushing force. Because the main shaft of the crusher does not move and the eccentric sleeve transmits the crushing force, the structure can withstand greater crushing force and is very suitable for fine crushing and ultra-fine crushing, because the crushing force of ultra-fine crushing is very large. It is estimated that the particle size of its product (for ultra-fine crushed liner) can reach 50^80% when it is open for 5m2.

Product Image

Spring Cone Crusher cone crusher cone crusher cone crusher

Product FAQ

Matters needing attention in the use of cone crusher

1. Select the appropriate crushing chamber capacity and appropriate feed size ratio

2. Whether the material is evenly distributed after entering the crushing cavity

3. Keep the discharge opening unobstructed

4. Viscous substances in the material will reduce the overall production efficiency

5. The discharge capacity of the crusher should be consistent with the conveying capacity of the belt conveyor

6. The power recommended by the manufacturer can be used during the recommendation process

Product Parameter

Type Model Crushing cone diameter (mm) Feeding port size (mm) Maximum feeding size (mm) Adjustment range of discharge opening (mm) Motor power (kw) Production capacity (t/h)
Standard type PYB-600/75 600 75 65 12-25 30 40
PYB-900/135 900 135 115 15-50 55 50-90
PYB-1200/170 1200 170 145 20-50 110 110-168
PYB-1750/250 1750 250 215 25-60 155 280-480
PYB-2100/350 2100 350 300 30-60 280 /210 500-800
PYB-2200-350 2200 350 300 30-60 280 500-1000
Medium PYZ-900/70 900 70 60 5-20 55 20-65
PYZ-1200/115 1200 115 100 8-25 110 42-135
PYZ-1750/215 1750 215 180 10-30 155 115-320
PYZ-2200/275 2200 275 230 10-30 280 200-580
Short head type PYD-600/40 600 40 35 3-13 30 12-23
PYD-900/50 900 50 40 3-13 55 15-50
PYD-1200/60 1200 60 50 3-15 110 18-105
PYD-1750/100 1750 100 85 5-15 155 75-230
PYD-2200/130 2200 130 100 5-15 280 125-350

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