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Lead-zinc ore gravity separation and flotation process

2023-05-30 Xinhai (235)

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Lead-zinc ore is a mineral rich in metal elements lead and zinc. Lead-zinc is widely used, such as in chemical industry, metallurgy and other industries. However, natural lead-zinc ore is usually crushed and sorted after the demand is broken. Only then can it be used by large industries. Among them, the beneficiation process of lead-zinc ore is very complicated.

The mineral properties of zinc ore are complex. In order to determine a reasonable beneficiation process, the concentrator has carried out experimental studies on single flotation, gravity separation and dense medium pre-selection-flotation. Finally, it is considered that dense medium pre-selection-flotation is the better separation scheme. The problems existing in single flotation and reselection can be overcome. These three schemes are described respectively here.

Lead-zinc ore single flotation

The sorting process of the flotation scheme requires equipment such as a lead-zinc ore flotation machine, a dryer, a feeder, and so on. This program has obtained a lead concentrate with a lead grade of 43% and a recovery rate of 51.2%; a zinc concentrate with a zinc grade of 31.5% and a recovery rate of 66.2%. And it can sort out various individual concentrate products, and the zinc oxide concentrate contains only 3.66% CaO, which creates good conditions for smelting.

However, the amount of slime in a single flotation scheme is too large, and a lot of metals are taken away, resulting in a low recovery rate of ore dressing. Moreover, the content of sundries is high, it is difficult to dehydrate and dry, and it is also difficult to realize separate storage, so it is still difficult to economically and effectively recycle at present.

Lead-zinc ore gravity separation

The gravity separation method can separate the heavy product obtained by heavy medium separation into lead-zinc mixed concentrate, which can be directly sent to metallurgical treatment, so that 27.85% of the ore volume and 52.48% of the zinc metal are not finely ground, reducing the amount of slime and metal mud loss.

However, in this environment, in addition to the use of coarse crushing equipment, fine crushing equipment and fine crushers should also be used. The coarse-grained grade in the finely crushed product is pre-selected with heavy media, and as much as possible is sorted out as much as possible for heavy products (mixed concentrates) that can be directly provided for smelting treatment, and the metals that cannot be fully recovered by heavy media separation continue to use flotation. Recycling to ensure a high recovery rate and concentrate quality, and minimize the burden on the smelting process.

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