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Magnetite and hematite magnetic separation production line

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In the whole beneficiation production line, mineral separation can be said to be the most important link. Due to the complexity and variety of mineral components, the beneficiation process is also very different. Let me introduce the iron ore magnetic separation dry separation process.

         The magnetic field strength of the magnetic separator for iron ore dry separation is generally required to be above 3500 Gauss, and the selected ore is called medium ore, and the grade is generally about 20%. The main beneficiation process is as follows:

         The raw ore is fed into the upper hopper, vibrating and distributed by the vibration motor, and the ore output is precisely adjusted through the hand wheel. The magnetic roller of the dry magnetic separator is driven by a speed-regulating motor, and the speed is regulated by a speed-regulating meter, which can control the output of the magnetic separator and the grade of the concentrate. The ore particles are sent to the upper magnetic roller by the conveyor belt for separation. Since the ore particles are magnetic, they will be immediately attracted by the strong magnetic field on the magnetic roller, while the coal gangue particles (miscellaneous stones and sand) are not magnetic (very weak), so the strong magnetic field of the magnetic roller will not attract them.

  With the rotation of the magnetic roller, the ore particles are always attracted by the magnetic roller, and when the magnetic roller turns to the front position of the plate (the grade of the concentrate can be adjusted by changing the angle of the beneficiation plate), the coal gangue particles are thrown onto the concentrator, and the ore When the particles continue to be brought to the demagnetization area by the magnetic roller, they will automatically fall into the collecting hopper to be collected as concentrate products.


         For certain vanadium magnetites and titanium magnetites, different beneficiation schemes are required. Vanadium magnetite is a strong magnetic mineral, and ilmenite is a weak magnetic mineral, but its specific gravity is relatively large and can be recovered by gravity separation. If the ore contains sulfide and apatite, the flotation of titanium concentrate should consider removing sulfur and phosphorus, or before titanium separation. If the paragenetic minerals in the ore are very fine, dense, paragenetic or isomorphic, they often need to be directly separated by metallurgical methods or combined dressing and metallurgy processes. Therefore, the beneficiation scheme is as follows:

1. Magnetite is recovered by weak magnetic separation, ilmenite is recovered by gravity separation, and ilmenite concentrate is recovered by flotation to remove cobalt and nickel.

2. Weak magnetic separation to recover magnetite, flotation to separate cobalt and nickel sulfide, heavy flotation combined process or heavy (coarse) strong magnetic separation (fine) strong magnetic concentrate flotation combined process to separate ilmenite.

3. Weak magnetic separation recovers magnetite, flotation recovers cobalt nickel sulfide, heavy-strong magnetic separation-flotation combined process recovers titanium, and electric separation recovers titanium concentrate to improve the grade of titanium concentrate.

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