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Flotation separation of fluorite and calcite

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Both calcite and fluorite can be collected using fatty acid collectors, and they are both calcium-containing minerals. The flotation separation between these two types of minerals is relatively difficult. For the flotation separation of fluorite and calcite, how to expand the flotability difference between the two under suitable grinding fineness conditions is the key.

Under alkaline conditions, calcite has good floatability, but under weakly acidic conditions, the floatability of calcite is significantly reduced, while fluorite does not change much under alkaline and weakly acidic conditions. Therefore, the flotability difference between the two can be increased by controlling the pH value to facilitate the flotation separation of fluorite and calcite. According to the results, the pH value of the selection zone should be controlled at 6.4-6.8.

On the basis of adjusting the pH value, we can also further inhibit the floatability of calcite by adding calcite inhibitors. Common pharmaceutical combinations include:

1. Use dextrin or tannin as a calcite inhibitor and oxidized paraffin soap as a fluorite collector;

2. Acidic water glass is used as a calcite inhibitor, and fatty acids are used as collectors for flotation;

3. Use water glass, caustic starch and sodium hexametaphosphate as mixed inhibitors, saponified oleic acid as a collector for rough selection, and use water glass and citric acid as mixed inhibitors for selection.

In fact, there are many other options when it comes to potion combinations. Generally speaking, specific pharmaceutical systems such as inhibitors and collectors need to be determined through mineral processing tests and based on the composition and properties of the ore.

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