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Manganese Ore Magnetic Separation Process is Already Stand By

2022-06-19 Xinhai (459)

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The quality of manganese ore is average, mainly lean ore, and there are a considerable amount of manganese ore with high phosphorus, high iron manganese and associated beneficial metals, and the ore is mostly embedded in fine particles, which increases the difficulty of manganese ore separation to a certain extent. 

At present, the common methods of manganese ore beneficiation include gravity separation, magnetic separation, flotation, etc. Among them, magnetic separation is widely used and gradually occupies a dominant position in manganese ore beneficiation.


The operation of magnetic separation of manganese ore is simple, easy to control, and has strong applicability, which can handle most manganese ores. Manganese ore is a weak magnetic mineral, which can be recovered well under the strong magnetic environment of the strong magnetic separator. The technological process of magnetic separation of manganese ore is roughly ore washing and screening, strong magnetic roughing, classification, medium magnetic selection and concentration.

(1) Ore washing and screening

The manganese ore is separated from the surface mud with the aid of hydraulic flushing or mechanical scrubbing. The commonly used equipment is a spiral groove scrubbing machine. After washing, the ore is sent to the screening machine for screening and classification. The ore with larger particles on the screen can be selected by hand, and the other ores enter the magnetic separation process.

(2) Strong magnetic roughing

A strong magnetic separator is used for roughing, and the manganese ore is initially separated from other impurities. The roughened coarse concentrate is sent to a spiral classifier for classification, and the tailings are sent to a tailings thickener for concentration.


(3) Classification

The underflow of coarse concentrate classification is sent to the magnetic separator for the next step of magnetic separation, and the overflow is sent to the thickener.

(4) Selected in the magnetic force

The tailings selected by the medium magnetic force are discharged into the tailings thickener, and the concentrated ore is merged with the underflow concentrated by the classification overflow.

(5) Concentration

The concentrated overflow re-enters the system as return water, and the underflow merges with the concentrate to form the final concentrate.

Although the magnetic separation process of manganese ore has strong applicability, in actual production, the beneficiation process is reasonably selected according to the ore properties, or the multi-process combined beneficiation, the optimal beneficiation process can be obtained through the processing test.

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