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Gold mine tailings treatment process table

2023-04-25 Xinhai (279)

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Here is a table of common gold mine tailings treatment processes:

Cyanide LeachingUsing a weak cyanide solution to leach the gold from the tailings.Simple process, high recovery rateEnvironmental concerns, requires specialized equipment
Carbon-in-PulpMixing activated carbon with the cyanide solution to absorb the gold, then separating the carbon and gold.High recovery rate, low costLimited to high-grade ores, can result in carbon fouling
FlotationSeparating the gold from other minerals using chemicals and air bubbles.Can be used on a variety of ores, high recovery rateExpensive, requires specialized equipment
Gravity SeparationUsing the differences in density between the gold and other minerals to separate them.Simple process, low costLower recovery rate than other methods, limited to certain types of ores
Heap LeachingPiling the tailings into a heap, then using a cyanide solution to leach the gold.Low cost, simple processRequires a large amount of space, environmental concerns
BioleachingUsing bacteria to break down the minerals and extract the gold.Environmentally friendly, low costSlow process, limited to certain types of ores

It is important to note that the best treatment process for gold mine tailings will vary depending on the specific characteristics of the tailings, such as the mineral composition, particle size distribution, and the presence of other minerals or elements. A thorough analysis and testing of the tailings is necessary to determine the most effective treatment method.