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Gold recovery without chemicals

2023-04-20 Xinhai (264)

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There are several methods to recover gold without using chemicals:

Panning: This is the simplest method of gold recovery. It involves using a pan to separate gold from other materials. The process involves filling the pan with water and shaking it to separate gold from the other materials.

Sluicing: This method involves using a sluice box, which is a long, narrow box with riffles on the bottom. The box is placed in a stream of water, and the water carries the lighter materials away while the heavier gold settles in the riffles.

Drywashing: This method involves using a drywasher, which is a device that uses air to separate gold from other materials. The process involves placing dry soil in the device and then using a blower to blow air through the soil, which causes the lighter materials to be blown away while the heavier gold remains.

Metal detecting: This method involves using a metal detector to locate gold. Once the gold is located, it can be dug out of the ground and recovered.

It is important to note that these methods may not be as efficient as chemical methods of gold recovery, and may not be suitable for large-scale operations. Additionally, some of these methods may be illegal in certain areas or require permits.

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